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Material Requirements

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Double page spread 460(w) x 297(h) Bleed: 5mm all sides
Full page 230(w) x 297(h) Bleed: 5mm all sides
1/2 Horizontal 230(w) x147.5(h) Bleed: 5mm all sides
1/2 Vertical 115(w) x 297(h) Bleed: 5mm all sides
1/3 Vertical Floating ad 66.5(w) x 276(h)
1/6 Vertical Floating ad 66.5(w) x 135(h)

All advertising material supplied should be: (In order of preference)

1) High-res acrobat pdf file supplied via Quick cut and Websend

2) High-res acrobat pdf file supplied to our FtP site. An administration fee of $50 plus $120ph correction fee (if required) will apply to all material not supplied correctly.

• Only supply files that are required (print ready pdfs) to produce the job and that are the correct size
• When naming files do not include special characters (eg / \%#)
• File names should include the company name and Transmoto
• Ensure trim size is correct and all pages have at least 5mm bleed where required
• Crop marks are set 5mm away from trims • All live type is at a minimum of 5mm away from the trims
• We can send you the PDF plug-in for Adobe inDesign so your files are perfect.

3) raw material: digital photo, copy and logos an in-house design fee of $120 per hour will be charged. We make no claims to be able to produce corporate identity or detailed designs. clients cannot expect us to produce logo designs, etc.

* Please read ‘Production’ to the right of this box.

We prefer ad material via Quickcut – Quickcut, a service provider for electronic delivery of digital files, has proven to be the most effective method of receiving and tracking your ad. As it provides the facility to check for file errors, 3CMG recommends that you use this service so as to avoid print errors.

3CMG can only take responsibility for accurate colour reproduction of an ad if a digital proof is supplied in accordance with 3DAP guidelines. Although digital advertising files are being supplied electronically, it is still important to send a 3DAP proof that has been created from the supplied file. If you do not have access to such a service, please contact us.

We have an inhouse art studio, with an experienced art director who you can hire to Design your ad. However, there are costs associated with producing advertisements which are invoiced separately from media/ space costs. This is a non profit service, put in place to cover our own costs and to help small companies that haven’t the capacity to do up their own ads. Inhouse Artist Fee: $120 per hour • Prepress: $110 per page (incs: 1 to 3 scans and digital proof). additional scans and deep etching will be quoted on if required.

• Large areas of black should have a tint of 40% cyan under the 100% black
• Body copy text which is black should be set to 100% black not a 4 colour makeup of black
• With Photoshop images set up colour seperations with GCR on, maximum ink weight of 290% with maximum black at 87%, allow for 17% dot gain (eg 40% dot is 57%)
• When viewing a print ready PdF on screen ensure that the PDF is viewed with the Overprint Preview function turned on. This can be found under the advanced tab of Acrobat. Viewing the PDF this way will give a true representation of the way the PDF will be re-produced.