HTML5 Guide

When building your HTML5 zip bundle for each creative banner, please follow the requirements described below.

The combination of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript enables rich animation and features similar to Flash technology. A HTML5 Standard banner is defined as a basic banner with single click through with contained behaviour. Anything beyond this is considered Rich HTML5. Max File Size includes all ad assets such as HTML, CSS, JS & images. Shared libraries that are hosted by Google DoubleClick & Sizmek are not included in the Max File Size.

Follow dimension guidelines

Follow click tag guidelines


Creative Unit Name Asset Max File Size (KB) File Type Max File Size (KB) of shared library files
HTML5 Standard Banner 80kb HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF 100 kb
HTML5 Rich
Initial Load 100kb HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF 100 kb
Backup Image 40kb JPG, PNG, GIF
Polite Load / Panel 2.2 MB HTML5
User Initiated Load / Expansion 10 MB HTML5
Video (optional) 10 MB MP4, OGG, WebM

HTML5 Recommendations

It’s recommended that additional content such as CSS, JS, images, etc, be politely loaded, including shared libraries.
Use internal CSS Style Sheets within the HTML code. Use CSS for animations where possible. To reduce file sizes, please consider using: HTML, JS & CSS code minifiers. Sprites, SVG or compressing images using ‘Save for Web’. Web fonts. Consider only loading the characters that the creative is using.

Dimension guidelines

Set creative dimensions in your HTML file with the size meta tag:.

Unlike images or videos, HTML documents don’t have dimensions on their own. For this reason, use the size meta tag to indicate the intended size for your creative. The size meta tag is an optional parameter in your HTML document. It’s the best way to be sure your creative renders at the right dimensions.

HTML5 creatives can only have fixed, dimensions (e.g., 300×250 or 728×90).