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Surfing World has been around for over 50 years and our longevity can be attributed to one very simple philosophy – We love everything to do with surfing.
We believe in surfing as a lifestyle with its own rich culture and fantastic community of people. Our readers are intelligent, fun loving and optimistic. They are as interested in the goings on of modern professional surfing as they are about the artists who use the sea as an inspiration.
It’s for these very reasons a partnership with Surfing World is also a partnership with truth, relevance and respect.

The Magazine

Surfing World is the magazine celebrating the stoke of wave riding and our partners are valued contributors in making that possible. Surfing World is the only magazine able to break typical print structure and cover major events and explore people and themes from cover to cover in detail unattainable from other mediums. In the past, our most successful issues covered the gigantic Fiji swell, the passing of Michael Peterson, the next wave of groms and the life of Gerry Lopez.
In addition, themed issues including The Interview Issue, The 50 Most Intruging People in Surfing Today and the World Title Wrap-Up have become anticipated releases. Surfing World is the only magazine that treats all surfers regardless of age, gender or ability on equal terms. If you love the ocean you’ll love Surfing World Magazine.

The Website

The brand new is a content creator with quarterly projects, most notably The Shapers Series and The Worthington’s Portraiture Prize, set to be released online. With surf culture moving freely in so many trajectories the Surfing World website is keeping in check in its own style that replicates the beauty and poignancy of the magazine. will become a host for marketing, advertising and competition events. With a strong following on social media channels including over 100,000 likes on Facebook and 30,000 followers on Instagram, any event with Surfing World will be the envy of our competitors. facilitates the sale of the magazine with a brand new online store and directly links to both print and digital subscriptions.
Perhaps our greatest online strength is our association with Coastalwatch, Australia’s leading surf website with over 400,000 unique viewers per month.
Surfing World and Coastalwatch initiatives continue to grow and a partnership with both presents an unprecedented potential audience backed with the authority of over 50 years continuous publishing.


We understand that no one brand is the same and no one campaign is the same. That’s what drives our special projects. They are bespoke built to deliver unique experiences for brands with unique objectives with real measurable results. Big Audience + Great Creative execution. That’s our strength. We have the biggest audience, and a unique set of skilled people. There’s no other company like us in Australia.
Here’s a few things we’ve done…
Cluster Australian Premiere
Young, Free, Alright Creative Youth of Australian Surfing
The Sardine Rip Curl, Peniche


Surfing World to me has always been really hardcore and has always presented surfing as it is.

Simon Anderson, Shaper Inventor of the Thruster

Surfing World is the real deal I never miss an issue.

Mick Fanning, 2X World Champion

I have a lot of good things to say about Surfing World. It covers everything, every angle of surfing, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. What isn’t there to love. It’s the raddest of them all!

Craig Anderson, Surfer

Meet The Team

Vaughan Blakey


Danny Johnson

Art Director

Mikey Jennings

Senior Editor