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Coastalwatch Plus

Coastalwatch Plus’ suite of powerful features allow you to leverage Coastalwatch’s existing network of cameras, expert surf forecasters and coastal reporters in exciting new ways. You can tailor pages to the information relevant to you, set up automated alerts, record detailed information about your surf sessions in a surf diary, and share photos and video with your mates and other surfers in your area.

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Surfing World Magazine

Surfing World is the longest running continually published surf title in Australia. Our first issue went to print in 1962, the same year the Rolling Stones played their first live show, Spiderman made his debut in a Marvel comic and Andy Warhol released his Campbell’s Soup screen to acclaim and outrage. Popular youth culture was soaring to new heights and surfing was booming right there with it.

For over 50 years Surfing World has continued to share the stoke of riding waves. Put simply, if you love riding the ocean, Surfing World is your mag.

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Transmoto Dirt Bike Magazine

Australia’s most influential dirt bike magazine is now available to you whereever and whenever you need it! Available in both high quality print and digitally enhanced interactive editions for all devices, both products feature all the interviews, bike tests, and of course pictorials that Transmoto is famous for…

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